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Architectural policy programme

APOLI Lahti ‒ The architectural policy programme of the City of Lahti

​In 2010, the City of Lahti finalised the local architectural policy programme APOLI Lahti, the goal of which is to improve the aesthetic quality of the built environment in the city.

APOLI details the distinctive features of our cultural environment that separate Lahti from other Finnish cities. The distinctive features of the landscape in Lahti, cherishing the properties of the urban space and details that deepen the city’s story are things that were set as quality goals for the built environment by the City Council’s decision.
Lahti became a city in 1905. With the pictures in the APOLI publication, one can recognise urban design trends from the short history of the city as well as beloved landmarks, buildings and details.

Plans for the future

The City of Lahti and the municipality of Nastola merged in the beginning of 2016, forming the new Lahti. The extended operation environment brought new kinds of local special features that must be recognised in building the city. This is why APOLI must be updated. In particular, the quality goals for the built environment must take into account the extended operation environment.

We believe that an environment of high architectural quality will improve the city’s competitiveness and the residents’ quality of life.

Recognition at the Apoli Forum

The annual Apoli Forum is a part of the architectural policy procedures. The event involves granting the APOLI award for work for a quality environment.

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