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Street maintenance

The street maintenance service number +358 (0)20 433 3600 will answer your questions 24/7 regarding the maintenance of streets, bicycle paths, parks and other public areas (such as market and town squares).

You can contact the service regarding matters related to practical work in situations such as:

  • a street or bicycle path has not been cleared of snow
  • a pedestrian or bicycle path is dangerously slippery
  • there is a dangerous pit on a street or bicycle path
  • a traffic sign has fallen over
  • a street is dusty
  • etc.

During difficult weather conditions, the telephone service may temporarily have a long queue, whereupon the number will instruct you to use the electronic feedback channels.

You can give electronic feedback using the street maintenance feedback form provided below (recommended method) or via eFeedback. There is a link to the eFeedback service on the left side of this page under "Service and feedback."

The street maintenance service number covers all maintenance areas.

Maintenance areas

The city is divided into six maintenance areas: the centre, north, west, south, east and south-east (Nastola). The contractors are TYL V2 Lahden keskusta, YIT Rakennus Oy infrastructure services, Destia Oy and LSTK Oy. 

Roads in the south-east Lahti (Nastola) area

There are many roads maintained by the state in the Nastola area. These include Kukkastie, Karhusillantie, Immiläntie, Vehkosillantie, Heinolantie, Villähteentie/Kouvolantie (mt 312), Koiskalantie, Heinämaantie, Haravakyläntie, Lankilantie and Teollisuustie.

If you detect issues that cause danger or require immediate procedures, you can contact the road user hotline Tienkäyttäjän linja, tel. +358 (0)200 2100.