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Lahti is the European Green Capital 2021

The European Commission has chosen Lahti as the European Green Capital 2021 (European Green Capital Award, EGCA) as the first city in Finland. The award is proof of Lahti’s persistent environmental work as Finland’s leading environmental city. 

The title is annually granted to one city that is a pioneer in environmental activities, sets an example for other cities, and develops innovative solutions for environmental challenges. Eleven European cities have received the title before Lahti.  

In 2021, Europe’s focus is turned to Lahti, the Finnish city far beyond its size in environmental work. During the year, we will highlight the best Finnish environmental solutions to be carried out elsewhere in the world. 

You can find more information about the Green Capital year and the reasons why Lahti was chosen as the European Green Capital on 


City of Makers

The year 2021 gathers the municipalities in the Lahti region and the companies, communities and citizens in the whole Finland together to build a more sustainable future. We invite everyone to join in implementing the year as the Green Capital with their own events, ideas and actions.

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