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Lahti TalentHub

Lahti TalentHub project has ended

Thank you for all participants and partners!

Lahti TalentHub develops a local operating model that brings together education-based and work-based immigration, skills development, integration services and international recruitment services for employers.

The goal of the project is to promote the availability of a skilled international workforce in the Lahti region by increasing awareness of the potential and expertise brought by international talents, and by strengthening the employers’ readiness to recruit experts with an international background.

Lahti TalentHub is piloting various measures and services to better connect local employers and international jobseekers and to support the employment and integration of international talents.

Lahti TalentHub project implements the national Talent Boost programme. The project is running from 1 August 2020 to 31 May 2023 and is funded by the European Social Fund.

International Talents to Boost the Growth of Päijät-Häme Region

Finding a skilled workforce is one of the biggest challenges in companies’ growth and internationalisation efforts. International jobseekers offer great potential and expertise to the labour market, and in Lahti, for example, more than a third of unemployed international jobseekers are highly educated (in Finnish). In addition, international talents have extensive language skills and knowledge of markets and cultural environments of different regions of the world.

The growth opportunities offered by international talents are too valuable to be overlooked. Please contact us if your company or organisation wants to use the potential brought to the region by international talents!