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Lahti Direction

The work on Lahti Direction combines transport and land-use planning in a new way, and builds a sustainable city in cooperation with citizens, stakeholders, experts and decision makers. Lahti Direction includes the city plan, the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP), the environmental programme and the service programme.

The work on Lahti Direction aims to solve the question of how to ensure the residents' welfare and the sustainability of their everyday lives. What kind of a city would you like to live in in 30 years? What kind of lifestyles might your children or grandchildren choose? In what direction should Lahti develop? These are some of the questions for which we want to find answers together. Lahti's Direction is a forum for discussing the future development of the city, in which everyone plays an important role.

Target year: 2030

The strategic master plan is updated every four years, or each council term. The new round of  planning started in 2017 and the finished plan will be approved in 2020. The master plan is  the image of the strategy and it states what our common goals mean from the perspective of land use and transport of the whole city. 

The other programmes included in the work on Lahti Direction stipulate the goals and draw up action packages for sustainable urban mobility, environmental policy and the organisation of services. The target year is 2030, but impacts will extend beyond that.

During each four-year cycle of Lahti Direction process, the residents of the city will be invited to participate in the planning for example at workshops or via surveys.