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Premises and activities

Youth facilities around the City and online environments are filled with action and activities.

Youth facilities

In youth facilities, you can get moving, do crafts, play instruments and cook together with new and old friends. We provide all kinds of clubs, trips, activity days and theme nights. The young people can be involved in the planning process and decide what kind of activities and events they want to have.

You can join our activities by getting a free membership. After filling out the application for membership, the young people are insured in all our activities and we will receive the contact details of their carers. You can print out the application for membership yourself or pick up one from any one of our youth facilities. Membership is valid for two years at a time.

The youth facility’s activities are for secondary school pupils and young people older than that. There are also activities for pupils in classes 4 to 6. You can find the different groups’ operating hours on the facilities’ own website.

Most youth facilities work great as meeting and practice places of youth organisations and hobby groups. The groups have an opportunity to use the facilities, even free of charge.

Every year, the autumn term is kicked off with a Start Week. During the Start Week, youth facilities all around the city organise amazing events and cheerful evening get-togethers. The events have free admission. The programme of Start Week is published in the latest updates.

Youth facilities

  • Ahtiala youth centre
  • Liinu
  • Lähde youth facility
  • Metsäkangas youth facility
  • Mukkula youth facility
  • Möysä youth facility
  • Nastola youth facility
  • Youth facility Tripla, minimum age limit 13
  • Xperience game facility

Youth facility Tripla

A low-threshold meeting place for young people aged 13–25.

Youth facility Tripla, located in Trio Shopping Centre, provides young people with their own space where they can meet other young people, charge their phones, use the Wi-Fi network, play games and chill out.

The instructors of Tripla are always present during the opening hours for conversation and counselling.

  • Youth facility Tripla

    Visiting address

    Aleksanterinkatu 18, pohjakerroksen Vesku-aukio

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Online youth facilities and social media

Youth workers are also on various social media channels and online youth facilities on Discord. You can find more detailed information about our social media channels and online youth facilities on the facilities’ own pages.

Vacation activities

Youth services also provide activities during school holidays. There are trips, theme days at the facilities, camps and various events available for the winter, summer and autumn holidays. You can find the programme for vacation activities in the latest updates.

Hobby groups

In addition to youth facility activities, the area’s youth workers collaborate with the young people and other actors to organise hobby and group activities in line with the young people’s wishes in the places of recreation and schools of the area.

You can ask more about hobby and club activities from our youth workers and see further information on: (in Finnish)

Culture and events

The aim of cultural youth work is to guide and encourage the young people to individual activities. We support individual projects of the young people with personal guidance and support. In addition, youth services provide things such as sound and light technology, event tents and musical instruments to be used in the projects of young people. Youth facilities can be accessed free of charge.

Other facilities

Naumi-Isoranta recreation camp

The youth service’s Naumi-Isoranta camp areas are located at Sysmä’s Karilanmaa, at the shore of Lake Päijänne. The camp complex is primarily meant for camp, trip and course purposes for the youth services, basic education, early childhood education and Lahti-based youth organisations.

Multicultural Centre Multi-Culti

Multi-Culti is a civic activity centre free for all. Multi-Culti strives to promote multi-ethnic and equal opportunities and support participation and integration in Päijät-Häme by bringing people together through a variety of activities.

All people, both Finns and immigrants, are welcome without any restrictions or requirements. Participation is mainly free of charge. You can join by participating in existing activities or becoming a volunteer yourself. Personnel are there to instruct, guide and support the group and volunteers.