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Climate-smart solutions for housing companies

In the project, we increase the understanding of the connection between climate change, greenhouse gases, buildings and housing among the housing companies and building managers in Päijät-Häme. We highlight choices that allow companies and residents to reduce the life cycle costs of the buildings they own while simultaneously contributing to the mitigation of climate change.

The majority of carbon dioxide emissions generated by buildings are caused by heating and the electricity consumption of various equipment while the buildings are in use. By developing and guiding property management and timely repairs, we can significantly affect the amount of greenhouse gases generated.

Housing companies play a major role in the reduction of their properties’ carbon dioxide emissions. Energy can be conserved with efficient methods, also without expensive and heavy repairs. Examples of relatively easy measures include sealing the windows and exterior doors, inspecting and adjusting the ventilation and controlling the consumption of water and electricity. In order to carry out these types of energy efficiency measures, it is essential for the housing company’s residents to have knowledge of different solutions and choose energy-saving options.

Engaging housing companies in the mitigation of climate change

The project’s main objective is to get housing companies in Päijät-Häme to prepare for climate change and mitigate it by taking measures that are also beneficial for the housing companies themselves.

The new challenges brought about by climate change are related to things such as housing companies’ envelope structures and building services. For example, stronger winds may dislodge old roof and eaves structures. Prolonged heat waves may cause dwellings that have not previously required cooling to start requiring it.

When timed correctly, improvements to the thermal insulation, switching to more energy-efficient windows and utilising heat pumps and heat recovery systems may prove to be highly cost-effective.

Another important matter to communicate is the significance of vehicle electrification to companies from the perspective of the construction of charging stations and the sufficient capacity of the electrical grid.

Progression of the project

During autumn 2021 and spring 2022, the project will hold public events (including webinars) for the boards, shareholders and building managers of housing companies. The events will go over concrete measures for improving energy efficiency: various energy repairs (solar panels, geothermal heat, exhaust air and wastewater heat pumps, etc.) as well as car charging stations and waste sorting systems.

A reference site will also be arranged as a basis for holding workshops for housing companies. The workshops will explain the course of an energy repair process in more detail and provide tools for carrying projects forward.

The project will also include the preparation of an interactive brochure that will provide information on energy repairs.