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Surveying services

The City of Lahti provides a wide range of surveying services for the City’s own units as well as private buyers.

​Building inspection measurements

Building inspection measurements mean all the measurements related to building permits, including construction site marking, elevation marking, yard slope measurement, and location review.

Unofficial demarcation proceedings

If the boundary markers of the plot have disappeared, the location of the border is unclear and there may not be a need to use boundary markers (e.g. hedges or fences), the survey team marks the boundaries with wood piles. Upon request, landowners will be provided additional piles to the plot boundary lines as well. The price of the marking procedure is determined by the building inspection fees approved by the City Council.


Demarcation procedures are carried out to solve disputes and uncertainties regarding the dimensions or partition of the property or other register units. You can apply for the procedure at the property formation services.

Control points

The information on horizontal and elevation control points of the City of Lahti can be downloaded free from the City of Lahti map service. At the moment, the service is limited to the old Lahti area, and information on the Nastola district is not available.

Soil register

The soil register maintained by the City provides comprehensive information about the soil and constructability in the Lahti area.