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Veterinary Services

Due to the prevailing coronavirus situation, the City of Lahti has made a policy that the aim of the city veterinarian’s small animal practice is to organise veterinary services as normally as possible.

Instructions for visiting the veterinarian:

  • Please maintain a safe distance of 1–2 metres from other people
  • Please only come to the practice when you are healthy, so that the care staff can continue to protect the health of your pet.
  • If you fall ill, notify the practice as soon as possible to change your appointment. If you cancel due to illness, we will not charge the late cancellation fee.
  • After ringing the doorbell, please wait at the front door for us to pick up your pet inside for examination.

Emergency duty services remain unchanged

On-call veterinarian, large animals +358 (0)600 39 2120
On-call veterinarian, small animals +358 (0)600 39 2121

We apologise for the prevailing situation and thank you for your understanding! With these policies, we aim to protect our official veterinarians from illness, so that we can continue to guarantee food, animal disease and animal welfare monitoring, as well as veterinary services.

We will announce any changes on our Facebook page and the City of Lahti website.

The City takes care of the organisation of veterinary services in its area in accordance with the Act on Veterinary Services.

Treatment of small animals at the practice

Small animals are generally treated at the veterinary practice. Services at the practice include such procedures as tartar removal, vaccinations, euthanasia, taking samples and basic surgery. The practice has equipment for ultrasound, blood and urine sample examinations, as well as inhalation anaesthesia. The practice is open on weekdays from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm. The services are provided by appointment only. If an appointment is cancelled less than 24 hours before the appointed time, a fee of 30 euros will be charged.

Emergency duty outside office hours will continue as before (emergency duty in Lahti, Hollola or Kärkölä) and the emergency numbers will remain the same: large animals tel. +358 (0)600 392 120 and small animals tel. +358 (0)600 392 121.

House calls

House calls for small animals are only carried out by appointment and separate agreement. Only some procedures can be handled during house calls, such as euthanasia, vaccination and puppy and kitten examinations. The fees for house calls are higher than those for practice appointments, and a kilometre allowance is charged for the travel. House calls for small animals can only be offered as an additional service if other patient work allows and, due to this, house calls may not be available every day.

Large animals

Appointments for farm visits are booked during the telephone service hour on weekdays from 8.00 to 9.00 am. The farm visits can include basic medical care for production animals and horses and health care services for production animals.

The Veterinary Services of the City of Lahti

  • The Veterinary Services of the City of Lahti

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    Juhonkatu 1

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