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Food monitoring

Lahti’s environmental health department monitors food safety, quality and compliance with food regulations. Food monitoring covers the manufacture, handling, import and export, marketing, transportation, selling, serving or other provision of foodstuffs. The monitoring also covers the manufacture, import and wholesale of food contact materials.

The aim of the monitoring is

  • to guarantee food quality and safety
  • to protect consumers from health hazards and financial losses
  • to ensure the accuracy of information given of the food

Implementation of the monitoring

The monitoring of food premises and primary production sites is carried out on a risk-based basis in accordance with the monitoring plan of Lahti’s environmental health services. Inspections in accordance with the food monitoring plan comply with the Oiva monitoring system.

We answer consumers’ questions regarding such matters as food hygiene, quality and safety and suspected food poisoning. Feedback can be sent to us by email or via eFeedback. Consumers can also give food-related feedback directly to the point of sale or service, the product manufacturer or the Finnish Food Authority.

We ask business operators to contact us when they set up food premises or change their operations. Please also contact us if the operations are interrupted or terminated. We also answer questions regarding food safety and monitoring. The responsibility for food safety lies with the food business operator, who must be aware of the health hazards associated with their operations and any critical points in terms of food safety.

Contact information

Contact information