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The first snow ski track in Lahti opens in late November

Preparations are underway for Lahti's traditional first snow ski track. This year, the track will be about 2 kilometers long, made from snow preserved from the previous winter. Skiers can now choose to make a voluntary donation to help maintain the track.

We ask skiers to be patient as we get ready for the 2023–24 skiing season. If the weather cooperates, trucks will bring last year’s preserved snow, and grooming machines will prepare the track.

– For safety, please stay away from the area while we’re preparing and spreading the snow, reminds Markku Ahokas, Head of Sports Services.

– The changing early winter weather makes things a bit tricky, but we hope to open the first snow ski track to skiers by the end of November, says Ahokas with optimism.

The opening of the first snow ski track is a joint effort between Sports Services and Lahti Aqua.

– Just like in previous years, we want to make sure that the people of the city can enjoy skiing on the first snow track, says Paula Nikula, Communications Manager for Lahti Aqua.

Voluntary donation to support track maintenance

Lahti’s ski tracks will remain free for everyone to use, but now, skiers have the option to make a voluntary donation to help keep the tracks in good condition.

The city’s Sports Services takes care of maintaining Lahti’s ski track network. Starting this season, businesses and individuals can contribute to the maintenance by making a voluntary track network donation.

You can make a one-time donation of 5€ using a QR code or the MobilePay app. For MobilePay, you can pay any amount to the 5-digit short number, 83180. You can donate once for the whole season, each month, or even every time you go skiing.

You’ll find the QR code and MobilePay app’s short number at different locations near the start of the ski season, including the Sports Center area and near the first snow ski track. You can also find them on the LahtiSki ski track service, and the visitlahti’s skiing page.

You can download the MobilePay app from the App Store or Google Play.

Additional services for the winter season

During the winter season, customers and skiers on the first snow ski track can enjoy various paid services.

CustomSki is a helpful shop and rental service for ski and winter equipment, located along the first snow track. They also offer ski maintenance services. You’ll find CustomSki near Lahti’s old trotting track at Vaskelaisenrinne.

At the base of Lahti’s Suurmäki, you can visit the High Hill Adventure sales point, where you can buy coffee, tea, juice, and rent ice-skating shoes and fat-tire bicycles. They also provide route guidance and observation tower services. High Hill Adventure is located at Suurmäenkatu 5.

Nearest parking for the first snow ski track

The closest parking spots for the first snow ski track are at the end of Suurmäenkadu, near the ski jump, and at the old trotting track in Lahti. The old trotting track doesn’t have an official address, but you can find it by turning right from the intersection of Hämeenlinnantie 45 (Vaskelaisenrinne) when coming from the city and after passing Suurmäenkadu’s intersection.

To find your way and get a preview of the first snow ski track, you can watch the Sports Services’ first snow ski track video on their website.

Facilities for skiers

Skiers can use Lahti Sports Center’s dressing rooms and shower facilities. The dressing rooms are open from Monday to Friday, 8–20, and on weekends from 9–15 . You can find them in the main grandstand building of Lahti Stadium. Skiers can also use the nearby Lahti swimming hall.

The Sports Center’s ski waxing facilities are open from Monday to Friday, 8–20, and on weekends from 9–15. These facilities are located in the ski jump grandstand building of Lahti Stadium.

You can keep an eye on track maintenance progress through the LahtiSki ski track service, which provides a map-based overview of the entire ski track network in the Lahti area.

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