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Events and movable food premises

An event organiser must ensure that all necessary permits, notifications and other arrangements are handled in good time before the event begins.

Submitting notifications and permit applications regarding public events and sales and marketing events is now easier than before with the help of the City of Lahti’s online event service and eForms.

Movable food premises refer to food premises that can be moved from one place to another, such as a sales truck, trolley, tent, container or bike.

Outdoor sales refers to serving, selling or otherwise providing food in outdoor facilities, e.g. during public events. Outdoor facilities refer to food premises that are not located within a building or that are located in an indoor space not part of other food premises.

A food industry operator is responsible for their own operation and must know the relevant regulations and risks involved. The importance of good work methods and self-monitoring is highlighted in outdoor sales. You can find more information about outdoor sales of food in the Finnish Food Authority’s outdoor sale guide.

Informing about movable food premises

When food is sold, served and handled in notified movable food premises in events or out of town, the operator must inform the food monitoring authorities of the town or city in which the event takes place about the operation at least 4 days before the event.

Notifying about movable food premises

The operator must submit a notification about sales equipment used for regular outdoor sales if the equipment, stall, etc. is to be later used in several different events. The notification is submitted once to the authorities of the municipality in which the operation is started or registered.

Temporary water supply area in large public events

An operator who arranges the supply of household water to a major event with its own equipment (a so-called temporary water supply area) and takes water e.g. from a plant supplying household water is obliged to notify the authorities under section 13 of the Health Protection Act (763/1994).

The notification must provide the necessary information to assess the health risks of the operations. According to the Health Protection Act, the notification must be submitted to the municipal health protection authority no later than 30 days before the commencement of operations. The obligatory fields are marked with an asterisk in the water supply area notification form in accordance with section 13 of the Health Protection Act.

The smallest operators, such as the small-scale sale or serving of food by private individuals or hobby clubs, are exempt from the notification requirement.