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Map products

The City of Lahti produces a diverse selection of map material in online and printed forms. You can also order various theme and custom maps for your own needs.

Up-to-date city plan

The up-to-date city plan is a combination of legally valid city plans.

Base map

The base map is used as a basis for planning and municipal technology related plans. Subjects featured on the base map include real estate information, buildings and structures, traffic routes, various terrain subjects, altitude information and nomenclature.

Land ownership map

The land ownership map is a theme map that depicts the land owned by the City.

Guide map

The Lahti region guide map covers the area of five cities/municipalities (Asikkala, Hollola, Kärkölä, Lahti, Orimattila).


Orthoimages can be used as the basis for various plans together with the base map, for example. There are images from individual years between 1946 and 2019.

Office map

The office map depicts real estate divisions, buildings, address numbers, nomenclature and the traffic network.

Theme maps

On theme maps, certain themes or subjects are highlighted in comparison to the other contents of the map. Theme maps are usually based on guide and office maps, but the descriptions and scales vary depending on the purpose. We produce theme maps for the City’s own needs and, when commissioned, to external customers.