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Problems with navigator data

On occasion, we receive feedback that Google Maps or some other navigator is directing them to the wrong location or the information is outdated. Unfortunately, updating the navigators’ map data is not the responsibility of the municipality but of the service provider. Navigators have data from different operators, and the information is updated in different ways. The owner of the navigator usually needs to update the map data on their device themselves.  

The way service providers collect information varies. Some operators collect the information themselves and others use data maintained by municipalities and the National Land Survey of Finland.  

Reporting errors 

Google Maps: Errors in the service can be reported either directly through the application or a browser on the Google Maps website. Giving feedback requires logging in.

  • Apple Maps: Missing or incorrect information can be reported to the service provider through the application.
  • TomTom: Navigator map changes can be reported using the MapShare Reporter tool. The service requires logging in.
  • Garmin: You can report problems with the maps on your device with the Garmin web form.
  • HEREWeGo (previously Navteq): Report an error by clicking the Feedback link at the bottom of the page of the Here map service.