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Parking fine

In Lahti, parking is controlled by the City’s traffic wardens.

In accordance with the Parking Control Act, a parking fine can be imposed for

  • violating prohibitions and restrictions on stopping, decommissioning and parking as well as provisions and regulations on the use of a parking disc
  • violating prohibitions and restrictions on unnecessary idling of motor vehicles.

Traffic wardens can also come to private properties (in Finnish) to control parking upon a request of the housing association’s representative (e.g. building manager), see more information on the Private areas page.


The parking fine is €60 in the city centre’s most expensive parking zone, €50 in other zones. The idling fine is €35.

The parking fine must be paid within 30 days from its date of issue by using a bank transfer form. If the payment is not made within the set payment period, the payment must be increased by the amount of €14 (Link: Section 17 of the Parking Control Act). The payment is distrainable without a separate decision.

Demand for Rectification

The driver, owner or holder of the vehicle, who thinks the parking fine is unjustified, has the right to make a demand for rectification to the parking control.

The demand for rectification must be done within 30 days from the date the decision was attached to the vehicle or notified by other means (Section 15 of the Parking Control Act). Further instructions can be found from the overleaf of a parking fine.

Deliver the demand for rectification by mail or electronically.

Please make the demand for rectification electronically, if possible.

If the demand for rectification is sent by mail, it must include the following information:

  • case number of the parking fine
  • name and address of the complainant
  • IBAN account code for possible refunding
  • validation for your demand
  • documents in support for the demand as an attachment
  • Photographing an illegally parked vehicle

The traffic wardens take a photograph of an illegally parked vehicle for any further clarification.

According to the Data Protection Ombudsman, the photographs taken of illegally parked vehicles by traffic wardens do not violate the data protection regulations.

  • Parking control

    Visiting address

    Lahti’s Palvelutori service centre, Lahti-Piste service point, Trio Shopping Centre, 2nd floor, Aleksanterinkatu 18, Lahti

    Mailing address

    Lahden kaupunki, Pysäköinninvalvonta, PO Box 126, FI-15140 LAHTI