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Park & ride

Park & ride at the Lahti Travel Centre

Construction of the west side of the Travel Centre is already under way. Temporary park & ride arrangements are in use during the area’s construction period.

Combined Plan Map shows the park & ride spaces (in Finnish).

Moisionkatu 4 complements contract parking

In early November, a new contract parking area at Moisionkatu 4 was opened. You can obtain a parking permit to the new parking spaces via the eParking application. Contract parking costs €37.20/month. The temporary park & ride spaces on kerbside and in the Radiomäki Hill parking area are no longer for sale. Existing permits are valid until their expiry date.

Contract parking also available at Radanpää and Moisionkatu parking areas

Contract parking at the Radanpää and Moisionkatu parking areas costs €37.20/month, and you can obtain the permit for a month at a time via the eParking service. There is also ticket parking at both parking areas.

Free parking area at the Laune sand field

The Laune sand field parking area is free of charge, and there is a capacity of 120 vehicles. The distance from the parking area to the Travel Centre is around 900 metres. The LSL buses drive by the field every 5–10 minutes.

Our mailing list keeps you updated

You will receive the latest updates on park & ride arrangements by joining the mailing list (in Finnish). We publish all the City of Lahti bulletins regarding park & ride on the mailing list.

The railway area and park & ride are developed

Development of the railway area and the park & ride service is one of the central goals of the City. The railway area is being developed to become a dense and urban district that connects to the Lahti city centre, and temporary parking is arranged during the construction period.

The goal is to increase the park & ride spaces in the Travel Centre to 600 in the future. The goal is to also provide at least 700 spaces for bicycles and increase safety for storing bicycles.

Park & ride is taken into account in the following plan areas: