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Excavation permit

An excavation permit is required when the excavation work takes place in public areas (streets, parks, forests, etc.).

Excavation permits are applied via the City’s electronic services. For the first excavation permit application, the applicant must log in to the service. Identification needs to be done only once.

First, you must apply for a placement permit.

You can apply for an excavation permit if you have already obtained a placement permit.

Regulations related to excavation work

  • Cables and equipment must be located in the excavation area before submitting a notification.
  • In a street area, the excavation must be limited to as small an area as possible so that the traffic disturbances are minor.
    • The excavation must be secured with barriers, lights and traffic signs in accordance with the instructions.
    • The person organising the work is responsible for the maintenance of the protection, outside the working hours as well.
    • Flagged warning lines and tapes can only be used for optical guiding, not protection for the excavation.
    • All guard rails must bear leaning.
  • The person organising the work must ensure that the cable mapping is done before backfilling the excavation.
  • The structural layers are made in accordance with the approved structural plan of the street.
    • The excavation is backfilled and sealed in accordance with InfraRYL 2010.
    • The structural layer thickness must follow the previous structure.
    • Backfill must be done without mixing the structural layers.
  • Trees and shrubs surrounding the excavation must be shielded.
  • The guarantee period is 2 years. The guarantee period begins when the final pavement has been approved.
    • The end date of the guarantee period is 30 September every year.