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Ambitious climate protection goals

Lahti fights the climate change with innovative local solutions and impressive energy investments. Thanks to the environmental measures taken by the city, Lahti’s greenhouse gas emissions are already almost halved.
Solar panels on top of a building.

City's per capita greenhouse gas emissions have decreased by 47 % from the 1990 level. Lahti has reduced CO2 emissions especially in centralized energy production by decreasing the use of fossil fuels in the combined production of district heating and electricity.

Lahti has a great chance of making a difference in the energy sector, which is why the city joined Covenant of Mayors agreement in 2011 and outlined The Lahti Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP) including 42 procedures. Measures are being taken in heating and electricity production as well as energy-saving, in traffic and traffic planning and increasing environmental awareness of citizens.

Lahti is currently preparing its Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan towards year 2030 (SECAP).

Prioritizing renewable energy for a sustainable future

To enhance urban sustainability, Lahti aimed to improve energy efficiency by 15 % by 2016 compared to 2005 levels. This aim was achieved and exceeded. In 2015, more than 40 % of the district heating was generated from renewable sources. With Lahti Energia’s new biofuel power plant Kymijärvi 3 this will rise to 80 %. The new power plant is slated to begin operation in 2020, reducing city's greenhouse gas emissions considerably.