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CitiCAP project (Citizens’ cap-and-trade co-created) received funding from the EU UIA 2nd Call, Urban Mobility theme (2018-2020). The project concentrates on enabling and promoting sustainable urban mobility in Lahti.
Aleksanteri street

Among other measures, such as open mobility data platform and SUMP, the project develops a model for personal carbon trading on mobility and an application for the citizens that enables real-time tracking and visualization of one's mobility carbon footprint.

The mobility data platform opens up possibilities for new mobility service development. Furthermore, CitiCAP develops a model for designing the bicycle route network, by building a 2,5 km smart bicycle highway that highlights by example the importance of safe cycling infrastructure. 

Lahti invites fellow cities to join in

One of the City of Lahti's climate goals is to become carbon neutral by 2025, and Laht is now inviting other cities to join in efforts to combat the hard-to-tackle mobility emissions.

The carbon trading application has already aroused interest in cities of different sizes both in Finland and abroad and CitiCAP wants to share the methodology and learnings of the development process with other cities. The personal carbon trading readiness of a follower city candidate will be assessed in a workshop. Cities should get involved if they want to solve challenging traffic problems such as co2-emissions, air quality issues and congestion and of course in order to become one the pioneers on the field.

"We provide an instrument for the citizens to take action on climate change mitigation through their own everyday choices", says CitiCAP-project manager Anna Huttunen.

Further information:
Anna Huttunen, project manager:

Partners: The city of Lahti, LUT University, Lahti University of Applied Sciences (LUAS), Lahti Region Development LADEC Ltd, Companies: Infotripla, Mattersoft, Moprim. Future Dialog, Good Sign